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A Dataverse is a container for research data studies, customized and managed by its owner.

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A study is a container for a research data set. It includes cataloging information, data files and complementary files.
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Spatial frequency discrimination: effects of age, reward, and practice by van den Boomen, C.,; Peters, J.C.Dec 23, 2016
Top-down vs. bottom-up control on vegetation composition in a tidal marsh depends on scale by Kelly Elschot; Anke Vermeulen; Wouter Vandenbruwaene; Jan P. Bakker; Tjeerd J. Bouma; Julia Stahl; Henk Castelijns; Stijn TemmermanDec 16, 2016
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Digitized Sources by www.collective-action.info238
MINORIM Inversion method by Rijssel, J. van; Kuipers, B.W.M.162