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Feb 24, 2017 - UG Faculty of Medical Sciences & UMCG Dataverse
Fokkens, Bernardina T.; Mulder, Douwe J.; Schalkwijk, Casper G.; Scheijen, Jean L.; Smit, Andries J; Los, Leonoor I, 2017, "Vitreous advanced glycation endproducts and α-dicarbonyls in retinal detachment patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and non-diabetic controls", hdl:10411/20841, DataverseNL Dataverse, V1
Several advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) and α-dicarbonyls were measured by ultra performance liquid chromatography or high performance liquid chromatography in retinal detachment patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and non-diabetic controls. Patients were matched on age,...
Sep 28, 2016 - Heymans Institute for Psychological Research Dataverse
Fuermaier, Anselm, B.M.; Tucha, Oliver; Koerts, Janneke; Grabski, Meryem; Lange, Klaus W.; Weisbrod, Matthias; Aschenbrenner; Tucha, Lara, 2016, "The development of an Embedded Figures Test for the detection of feigned attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adulthood", hdl:10411/20740, DataverseNL Dataverse, V2
Objectives: It has been shown that an increasing number of adults deliberately feign attention d eficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which demonstrates the need for new tests designed to detect feigned ADHD. Methods: An Embedded Figures Test (EFT) was developed for the detectio...
Jun 7, 2016 - Heymans Institute for Psychological Research Dataverse
Jonker, Nienke C.; Glashouwer, Klaske A.; Ostafin, Brian D.; van Hemel-Ruiter, Madelon, E.; Smink, Fréderique R.E.; Hoek, Hans W.; de Jong, Peter J., 2016, "Attentional bias for reward and punishment in overweight and obesity: The TRAILS study", hdl:10411/20768, DataverseNL Dataverse, V2
More than 80% of obese adolescents will become obese adults, and it is therefore important to enhance insight into characteristics that underlie the development and maintenance of overweight and obesity at a young age. The current study is the first to focus on attentional biases...
Apr 4, 2016 - Security, Technology & e-Privacy Research Group (STeP) Dataverse
Cannataci, J.A. (Joseph); Mifsud Bonnici, J.P (Jeanne), 2016, "Consumer sentiment regarding privacy on user generated content (UGC) services in the digital economy", hdl:10411/20556, DataverseNL Dataverse, V1
One of the key changes in societal trends and lifestyles witnessed over the past few years has been the move on-line of many consumers and the way they have become increasingly sophisticated in their media consumption habits. Have these recent changes to consumer and commercial p...
Feb 8, 2016 - Heymans Institute for Psychological Research Dataverse
Piersma, D.; Fuermaier, A.B.M.; de Waard, D.; Davidse, R.J.; de Groot, J.; Doumen, M.J.A.; Bredewoud, R.A.; Claesen, R.; Lemstra, A.W.; Vermeeren, A.; Ponds, R.; Verhey, F.; Brouwer, W.H.; Tucha, O., 2016, "Prediction of Fitness To Drive in Patients with Alzheimer’s Dementia", hdl:10411/20673, DataverseNL Dataverse, V1
The number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is increasing and so is the number of patients driving a car. To enable patients to retain their mobility while at the same time not endangering public safety, each patient should be assessed for fitness to drive. The aim of th...
Jan 28, 2016 - UG Faculty of Medical Sciences & UMCG Dataverse
Prins, Doety; Plank, Tina; Baseler, Heidi A.; Gouws, André D.; Beer,Anton; Morland, Antony B.; Greenlee, Mark W.; Cornelissen, Frans W., 2016, "Surface-based analyses of anatomical properties of the visual cortex in macular degeneration", hdl:10411/20630, DataverseNL Dataverse, V2
Introduction Macular degeneration (MD) can cause a central visual field defect. In a previous study, we found volumetric reductions along the entire visual pathways of MD patients, possibly indicating degeneration of inactive neuronal tissue. This may have important implications....
Jan 15, 2016 - UG Faculty of Medical Sciences & UMCG Dataverse
Hoeksema, Lisette; Los, Leonoor I., 2016, "Vision-related quality of life in patients with inactive HLA-B27 –associated- spectrum anterior uveitis", hdl:10411/20665, DataverseNL Dataverse, V3
We investigated the vision-related quality of life (VR-QOL) in patients with HLA-B27 associated anterior uveitis (AU). The study was conducted in 2012 at the ophthalmology department of the University Medical Center of Groningen. We included AU patients who were HLA-B27 positive...
Dec 21, 2015 - UG Faculty of Medical Sciences & UMCG Dataverse
Bos, Elisabeth H.; Snippe, Evelien; de Jonge, Peter; Jeronimus, Bertus F., 2016, "Preserving subjective wellbeing in the face of psychopathology: Buffering effects of personal strengths and resources", hdl:10411/20655, DataverseNL Dataverse, V1
Abstract Background: Many studies on resilience have shown that people can succeed in preserving mental health after a traumatic event. Less is known about whether and how people can preserve subjective wellbeing in the presence of psychopathology. We examined to what extent psyc...
Jul 8, 2015 - UG Faculty of Medical Sciences & UMCG Dataverse
López, Angélica; Sanderman, Robbert; Smink, Ans; Zhang, Ying; Van Sonderen, Eric; Ranchor, Adelita; Schroevers, Maya J., 2016, "A reconsideration of the Self-Compassion Scale's total score: Self-compassion versus self-criticism", hdl:10411/20525, DataverseNL Dataverse, V2
Abstract: The Self-Compassion Scale (SCS) is currently the only self-report instrument to measure self-compassion. The SCS is widely used despite the limited evidence for the scale's psychometric properties, with validation studies commonly performed in college students. The curr...
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