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Aug 18, 2016 - Department of Communication and Information Sciences Dataverse
Verhagen, Véronique; Mos, Maria, 2016, "Stability of familiarity judgments: individual variation and the invariant bigger picture", hdl:10411/20656, DataverseNL Dataverse, V1
May 31, 2016 - Fatigue & Fracture experiments at Aerospace Engineering / SI&C Dataverse
Pascoe, John-Alan; al Ameri, Ali; Yao, Liaojun, 2016, "FM94 / S2 Glass fibre quasi-static & fatigue tests", hdl:10411/20535, DataverseNL Dataverse, V4
Quasi-static and fatigue test data for FM94/S2 Glass GFRP.
Apr 5, 2016 - INTERVICT Dataverse
Aarten, P. G. M.; Gelder, J.- L. van; Barnet, W.; Borgers, M. J.; Laan, P. H. van der, 2016, "Exploring public support for suspended sentences in The Netherlands [Dataset]", hdl:10411/20553, DataverseNL Dataverse, V3
Apr 4, 2016 - Security, Technology & e-Privacy Research Group (STeP) Dataverse
Cannataci, J.A. (Joseph); Mifsud Bonnici, J.P (Jeanne), 2016, "Consumer sentiment regarding privacy on user generated content (UGC) services in the digital economy", hdl:10411/20556, DataverseNL Dataverse, V1
One of the key changes in societal trends and lifestyles witnessed over the past few years has been the move on-line of many consumers and the way they have become increasingly sophisticated in their media consumption habits. Have these recent changes to consumer and commercial p...
Feb 24, 2016 - Neuropsychology & Psychopharmacology Dataverse
Kuypers, K. P. C; Theunissen, E. L; van Wel, J. H. P.; de Sousa Fernandes Perna, E. B; Linssen, A.; Sambeth, A.; Schultz, B. G.; Ramaekers, J. G., 2016, "Clinical relevance of verbal memory impairment in polydrug Ecstasy users: A pooled data analysis", hdl:10411/20611, DataverseNL Dataverse, V1
Ecstasy, MDMA, memory impairment, verbal word learning test, clinical relevance
Feb 19, 2016 - PowerTAC Dataverse
2016, "PowerTAC 2015", hdl:10411/20629, DataverseNL Dataverse, V2
Feb 17, 2016 - Selection in Higher Education Dataverse
Niessen, A.S.M., Meijer, R.R., & Tendeiro, J.N., 2016, "Predicting Performance in Higher Education using Proximal Predictors", hdl:10411/20646, DataverseNL Dataverse, V2
Access to these dataset will be provided upon request.
Jan 28, 2016 - UG Faculty of Medical Sciences & UMCG Dataverse
Prins, Doety; Plank, Tina; Baseler, Heidi A.; Gouws, André D.; Beer,Anton; Morland, Antony B.; Greenlee, Mark W.; Cornelissen, Frans W., 2016, "Surface-based analyses of anatomical properties of the visual cortex in macular degeneration", hdl:10411/20630, DataverseNL Dataverse, V2
Introduction Macular degeneration (MD) can cause a central visual field defect. In a previous study, we found volumetric reductions along the entire visual pathways of MD patients, possibly indicating degeneration of inactive neuronal tissue. This may have important implications....
Jan 4, 2016 - Sound Science Dataverse
Urlings, MJE; Duyx, B; Swaen, G.; Bouter, LM; Zeegers, MP, 2016, "Preparation of research method: an application of dietary intake of industrially produced trans fatty acids and its effect on cholesterol levels in human blood Protocol: Citation Analysis", hdl:10411/20654, DataverseNL Dataverse, V1
This document is the study protocol of a citation network analysis on the literature concerning industrially produced trans fatty acids and its effect on HDL- and LDL-cholesterol. The goal of this citation network analysis is to get insight in which determinants are driving citat...
Dec 23, 2015 - Spoelstra Junior Group Dataverse
Spoelstra, Kamiel, 2016, "Replication data for: Free-ranging mice in outdoor enclosures at the Princeton Stony Ford field station"", hdl:10411/20660, DataverseNL Dataverse, V2
The 1088 '****.bin' files (distributed over two zip files) contain transponder record data for each individual mouse tagged with a transponder in the outdoor enclosures at the Stony Ford field station of Princeton University. Transponder counts are in 2 minute bins binary coded w...
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